Burn & Tone

45 minutes
Burn fat & tone up with this strength class. Perform different exercises, some body weight and others using equipment.


45 minutes
Higher paced classes to push you hard and really challenge your cardio function.  Great fat burning classes! Not recommended for beginners.

Express 30

30 minute classes for Saturdays as many mums have school sports to attend.

Stretch & Mobility

45 minutesImprove flexibility, balance, posture and mobility with a stretching class. Suitable for all fitness levels, exercises can always be modified to suit your needs. *Please bring a mat to use*

Strength & Balance

For seniors in their 60s, 70s and beyond, who need help with strength, balance and mobility.  Membership options differ for these classes – please see Memberships for details.

45 minute classes,  10.30am Monday, Wednesday & Friday.

mixed & female only

Mixed classes are male & female.

All other classes female only.

Being strong will improve your quality of life.


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